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A Generation of Energy

A Generation of Energy Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. Many are asking, “What is happening to humanity today? Why is there such a gulf between us when it seemed that we were so close to bridging the divide, so close to equality, and so close to raising the health and knowledge of nations to a level higher than any point in history? Have we lost our way?”
It might seem that such a path is lost to human society at the moment. Many feel despair and often a physical ache in their hearts. Many seek to act to restore in some fashion the forward momentum they believed would continue on to a new age. Many are feeling as if none of their previous efforts matter and sense they are descending into a lower-vibrational life. What has happened to the energy of hope and change? Can it be regained?
It is easy to feel a sense of isolation today. It is a natural reaction when masses of humans gather and create disturbances. Just as birds and animals take flight or seek shelter when sensing low-vibrational activities such as earthquakes or storms, humans take similar actions in such instances, even though they are further removed from this response to natural environmental disturbances because they have created controls that allow them to feel a sense of safety even when there is imminent danger.