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Energy Just Is

Energy Just Is One Life through Catherine Weser

What is the value of judging energy? Determining that some energy is good and some is bad or that some energy is too much and some is not enough and is a distraction from being with energy as it is. Whenever you try to determine characteristics of anything, including energy, you give your inner judge permission to create a story about what is going on. The story is one step removed from just being present with what is going on. The story is an attempt to make an excuse for why you feel somewhat separate from what is going on. In other words, the story is an attempt to justify your discomfort with a lack of presence.
Discomfort is a powerful indicator of lack of presence. Discomfort can be full-on pain, it can be a lack of focus or dullness, or it can be boredom or overexertion. Whatever the form of the discomfort, it usually gets your attention very quickly. The ordinary response to discomfort is to immediately try to assuage it to mitigate its impact. If you are in pain, you seek to end the pain. If you feel dull, you look to sharpen your focus. If you are bored, you want excitement. If you are overwhelmed, you seek quiet. This is the ordinary path of the mind and heart.
There is a more extraordinary path, a path of diving in deeply and experiencing the pain, dullness, boredom, and exertion. Just be with it with utmost confidence in its impermanent nature. Ride it, surf it, to come out from it into a state of neutrality. This neutral state is when the energy just is. The extraordinary path does not have to include meditation or any other formal process of investigation or spiritual pursuit. This can become a new protocol you develop for yourself.