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Do Not Bury Your Talent

Do Not Bury Your Talent Amma through Cathy Chapman

Good morning, my dear ones, my precious ones. How amazing to have you all gathered here! Have no concerns if you are listening or reading this; you are still gathered here.
I wish to talk to you about cocreating. You might think you have heard so much about cocreating that you wonder what more there could be to learn. I’m not actually going to teach you how to cocreate. I’m going to give you some other information. Now, this is information that I shared with this one I speak through [the channel] when she finally listened to me and began journaling. I laugh when I say she finally listened to me because isn’t that true for all of you? You might hear, but you don’t listen. So listen, and then act on what you hear. Act on that. You may not know that she [the channel] is from the Christian tradition, so much so that she was a Catholic sister for twenty years. She is well versed in Christian theology, especially Catholic theology. She is well versed in the Christian scriptures that you call the Bible, and her forte is the words of Jesus as they are written in the Gospels.
Today she was reflecting on the Parable of the Talents. I want to tell you about this parable. Jesus talked about a man, let’s say he’s a boss, who left for a trip. Before he did, he gave three people talents. (Realize that “talents” in Jesus’s time, referred to money, not the ability to do certain things well. I’m going to talk about gifts later, but let me finish the story using money.) The boss gave three different people various sums of money. Two invested the money and, when the boss returned, gave him back his money with interest. The third, however, was so afraid of making a mistake that he buried the money and returned it to the boss covered in dirt. His excuse in burying the money was that he knew the boss was a difficult taskmaster and would be upset if he lost it. He buried it to protect it.