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Choose to Live in the Energy of Love

Choose to Live in the Energy of Love Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

We tell you what you already know: You are creating your future. We cannot tell you with any certainty what is coming because you are not complete with your creation process at this point.
We can tell you about what you are creating as the collective of humanity even though it is still not manifest. As of this moment in your linear time, that which you are creating is nebulous, unformed. The energy imprint is there, but it has not yet solidified in physical form. At this point of the process, it is still quite easy to shift the form into that which would be more beneficial to humanity and to all living things, including the planet.
In other worlds, the collectives of beings are careful and methodical as they create their future. They test each step to ensure that the results are desirable before moving on to the next phase of creation. Humans, however, have never learned to be careful and methodical in their creations, especially regarding their potential final uses; hence, there is much in your world that was unthinkingly created simply for the sake of creation. The implications and potential uses were never tested for their benefits or harms. Thus you have things such as nuclear energy, which to date has been of greater harm than benefit to your planet and all who live there.