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Ask Erik: You Create Your Experiences

Ask Erik: You Create Your Experiences Elisa Medhus

I am currently unemployed, living on $300 a month as I wait for a disability decision. Can you ask Erik whether I will receive that and what my future might hold? I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. No doctor, no medicine. I’m hanging on by a thread.
— Dianna H.

From Erik: I am going to give you what you might call tough love advice. Everything that has been happening for you these past couple years has been to guide you to a point of understanding that you are creating this chaos because you are denying your true identity. Every decision you have made has been calculated based on comfort and ease and restricted by fear and anxiety.
Your decisions have been based on other people’s expectations and society’s demands. However, you are here to learn to be true to the real you (your inner you), to follow your intuition, to make all your decisions based on what your heart tells you and on what you feel, and to trust those decisions. Therefore, you have been pushed into a situation in which you are forced to analyze yourself and to go inside to find the answers.