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Ask the Angels: Earth Is a Way Station to Bliss

Ask the Angels: Earth Is a Way Station to Bliss Cheryl Gaer Barlow

I hope your (I mean the angels’) messages can help me, because I can’t afford to seek professional help. Circumstances, distance, and a lot of other things kept me from marrying my first and true love. We live thousands of miles from each other and are each married to others. We call each other every year or two, as friends, but when we have to end the call, the sadness is overwhelming for both of us.
Once we shared how deeply we loved each other. Neither of us wants to hurt our spouses. This is not just sexual, but I want him sexually too. This is a deep love of the soul! He’s told me he feels the same way. I cry for him whenever I’m alone, and this has been thirty-one years!
I have a terrific husband but feel like I’m living someone else’s life. I should be with my love! I have asked God why he is letting us go through this life not being together. We just hope to be together, but we would be filled with guilt to hurt anyone because of it.