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Akashic Answers: Connect with Wisdom from the Cosmic Realms

Akashic Answers: Connect with Wisdom from the Cosmic Realms Amanda Romania

I don’t know where to begin. When the recent hurricane hit in Houston, Texas, I was on vacation. When I returned, my home was completely safe with only a minor power outage. It is strange to say, but I have what I think you would call survivor’s guilt. I feel blessed that all is well in my world. However, my friends and family are suffering so much. What can I do?
— David, TX

From Amanda: Thank you for sharing. What you are feeling is often the way that the universe will move us to certain places for our highest calling during or even before times of great need. Many in the spiritual arena forecasted these hurricanes of 2017. We were not sure what would happen, but we all saw a time of great change and an opportunity for humanity to step up and, with great compassion, make America great again. That’s the thing about collective intention: It creates a karmic situation.
While I wish that it were not through natural disasters, this gives us time to think about what is important and what would be of importance to us if we had to flee a storm. We have seen this many times in history when human beings were asked to leave with only what they could carry.