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Your Light Shines More Brightly Every Moment

Your Light Shines More Brightly Every Moment Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

You all have free will to cocreate individually or with one another, bringing an endless variety of wonderful and beautiful manifestations to Earth. Then there is the opposite side of humanity that cocreates with the anger and hate that comes from fear, manifesting ugliness and suffering.

People have been around for thousands of years, giving humankind plenty of time to take harmless, enjoyable competitiveness and turn it into something harmful and dangerous. The human race has to use competitiveness to survive as well. Surviving has become the way to win another day of living at any cost to one’s enemy or opponent. The problem is that the whole Earth is the arena, most of humanity is the enemy, and the opponent must fight to live another day.

Your human world has sped up its ability to be dangerous enough to decimate with ever-new, faster, better, crueler ways to win another day. Because you are love incarnate, manifested as a body, this is a misuse of the power of the mind, the heart, the soul, and the awareness that you are more than a body. It is time to wake up to the fact that life will not get better until the mass consciousness of Earth realizes that winning and losing is only a game humanity plays to entertain themselves and possibly create something that can enhance the quality of life. If competitiveness becomes mean spirited and all about survival, then it creates harm for you and those around you.