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You Can Love Anyway

You Can Love Anyway The Goddess of Liberty through Maureen St. Germain

Dear ones, a student in my class had a sadness she could not release. The Record Keepers (through me) led a guided meditation to help. They ask that you think of a problem that you are having difficulty releasing.

Let yourself think of it for a moment, and then allow Quan Yin (or Mother Mary or your version of the Divine Mother) to come into your space. See her beside you, sitting in your chair. See yourself sitting on her lap. As she holds you in her arms, she rocks you and takes away all your burdens.

Now see her getting small. She gets smaller and smaller and moves into your heart. She is with you always. She is available to hold you and to take away your burdens. She will heal you anytime you need.

Invoke the Freedom of Compassion

I am the Goddess of Liberty. I am here to speak to you about freedom. You have many freedoms. I wish to reach each of you, and I will move through this room anointing the tops of your heads. You will feel it when I reach you. This anointment will open your higher chakras to expand your consciousness. Even if you are in jail, your consciousness will expand. You have no limitations.