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Warriors of Light, Unite!

Warriors of Light, Unite! The Cosmic Essence through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Beloved ones, with great joy, we say hello to you. On the wondrous journey in this world of many, many, many dense energies, you recognize that action is not the point. It is the experiences along the way. You awaken to the gift that with every step, a new event unfolds as the heart and soul conjoin and you celebrate yet another experience!

The unification of the heart and soul celebrates the blessing of the body that expresses itself through density as the opportunity to fully illuminate comes forward with every experience. Many say, “There are many experiences we are not happy with!” We say this is good. It is your opportunity to conjoin the heart and the soul.

To expand through the presence of the allness allows everything: every action, reaction, expression, expansion, manifestation, thought, energy, being, and vision. Allness is a limitless expression. As you move forward through allness and allow every experience without hesitation, each breath becomes the opportunity to conjoin the soul and the heart.