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Three Spirit Guides Address Relating to the Soul

Three Spirit Guides Address Relating to the Soul Johosephat and Alexander through Greg Branson & Robin Baldock

Johosephat: As we view it, the spirit is a projection of your Source self that seeks to progress the development of your subtle bodies and minds while the soul oversees the lower mental, astral, etheric, and physical bodies and the consciousness that works with each. The soul is eternal. It remains with you when you die and, beyond that, through the many planes of development that you then choose to experience.

Chou: To make this more practical, the soul is the part that makes sure everything in your life gets done. Other parts — the personality, the ego, the conscious and the subconscious minds, and the subpersonalities that should come and go throughout your life are subordinate to this. The body is a vehicle only and needs to relate to all the other manifestations of the self. So, where does the soul lie?

Group member: In the heart?

Chou: What is humanity’s fascination with the heart? It started in the 1960s, very strange.