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Surrender to the Dance

Surrender to the Dance Elemental Beings through Douglas Davis

The Elemental Beings now wish to be brought to your attention in the work you do. We are ecstatic. We are wind, rain, sun, water, air, fire, and all beings of the earthly realms, including rock and crystal.

The wind comes swirling down and around, in and out, in ecstatic and blissful movement and adventure, reminding you of your own personal journey. Take a ride with the wind, and encounter elemental beings and great excitement. On your journey of spiritual evolution and learning, ride with all of us, and be open to communication and connection with us. There is such ecstasy in our bodies and movements.

We are happy to show you your soul and how it feels on its path of experience. As you consider riding with us, know that we are as a mirror: We are your future, and we are you in blissful adventure. We are you as you connect with a higher aspect of yourselves.

The Sun moves in swirling ecstasy and dances its dance across the sky — spiral energy, curving energy, swirling energy, ecstatic energy, unexpected movement, dancing your dance, the dance of souls, a spiral dance. We will form a large circle around you, and we will move one way and then the next as you sit and contemplate your physical beingness in a sacred temple (or any place for meditation and wonderment). So when you feel movement in your spirit and you cannot sit still, it is us making it hard for you to stay in one place. As you move in blissful rhythm with us, your bodies will heal.