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Spiritual Nourishment in Times of Transition

Spiritual Nourishment in Times of Transition Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

Greetings. The present turbulence, imbalance, and general upheaval that besets this planet and its populations — whatever race or creed — are extremely challenging, and particularly so for the very deep emotional needs of human beings. All human beings are like infants who always need to feel safe and nourished. Whatever happens to them, somehow they will get through and they will grow, but throughout that process, there must be nourishment not just for physical growth but also for emotional growth. I speak, of course, of the nourishment of love. The mother loves the child, and the child responds to this love. The child will smile and will hold out a hand. And there, in that small interaction between mother and child, we see what nourishment can do. Of course, emotional nourishment can vary a great deal. Some can move from childhood to adolescence to adulthood fairly self-sufficiently (or apparently so), but at a deep level, they always yearn for the deepest part of themselves to feel safe, to feel loved, and to be able to grow freely.

So where can nourishment be found in these very difficult times, and why is it so important to wholeheartedly embrace this apparently simple process at this time? The soul receives nourishment from a great deal of what Earth has to offer. Many a time when a person climbs to the top of a mountain, there is a feeling that something special has been given to him or her or that a deep need has been met. Why is that? Why is it that when a human being climbs to a high point, there is this special feeling that the soul has been fed? We can relate this to reaching a higher level of consciousness. Physically, the person climbs to a high point. They also climb mentally, emotionally, and (eventually) spiritually.

There is a gift at the top of the mountain. All ascend to a point where there is an opening in the human heart to receive. It may open for a few seconds, a few minutes, or a few hours, but in the opening on that high point, the spirit is nourished.