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A Simple Solution

A Simple Solution Spirit through Cristi Jenkins

Always be true to your heart, and nurture your authentic self. Listen deeply within to the voice that tells you that you are loved without condition. Take the time to feel it and to be the breath of this forever love. This is what allows you to be at peace in the world, regardless of what goes on around you. External truths often change over time and may not always serve you as they once did.

In Aramaic, to love one’s self means to birth a new self. The word for “God” excludes no one or no thing. In the bigger picture, all experience is equally valued and supported by the Creator. This is the greater yet often unseen truth on which you operate. Your world might seem like a very darkened place right now where fear and anger seem to push their will against that of the greater good, but there is hope to sort through the many challenges that currently shape your lives to gently and compassionately create more equitable solutions for all.

You are loving souls of light having veiled human experiences. It is not always easy to remember that you have the power to choose to act from the higher mind and heart. Yet this higher truth exists within each of you and always has. You can remember this higher truth by allowing and creating a sacred space within and, at times, outside in your surroundings as needed to nurture and honor your true self, which is your soul’s innate wisdom and light. Let this light unfold within you in its own integrity, and likewise let it birth a new sense of being within. By doing so, you align with the purest creative potentials set forth by the Creator before the beginning of time.