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Shamanic Wisdom: Remember Your Lives to Become Yourself

Shamanic Wisdom: Remember Your Lives to Become Yourself Jan Engels-Smith

I have trained myself to elicit guidance daily from the spiritual realms. I usually do this by going into a shamanic journey and asking what action to take that day. A shamanic journey is an altered state of awareness that is induced with some sort of sonic instrument. I like to listen to a recording of drums through earphones that block out all other ambient noise. I cover my eyes to create total darkness, and I move energetically into the invisible realms where my unseen spiritual companions reside.

I commune with them. They are part of my family, and I interact with them naturally and with ease. I believe these allies are part of all existence and their mission is to help humans have an easier time in life. They offer guidance, direction, protection, and teachings. Because they don’t have physical bodies and we exist in a physical three-dimensional reality, they need humans to provide a vehicle for action. For example, they might give the remedy for some type of illness, but their human counterpart needs to take the action to bring this into the physical realm where it can be applied.

This is a sacred relationship that people involved with shamanism or energy medicine understand and value. For me, this relationship is as sacred as my physical family, and I nurture it and care for it like I do my most important physical relationships. So just as I sit and visit with my husband each morning to share ideas, dreams, tasks, and love, I do the same with my spiritual allies. The information they give me has molded my life in exquisite ways. This information has a vast range and can be very basic chop wood–carry water everyday needs, or it can be philosophical or conceptual and propel me into exemplary, mind-altering views of life and existence.