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Self-Care Ascension Guide

Self-Care Ascension Guide Papa Juan through Beatriz Jimpson

This is Papa Juan. We are present with you through all your life and death cycles, joys and trials, wars and times of peace, and travels and expansions. You are a loved and cherished species. You are unique to the universe and bring an inimitable and exciting view of life to all who observe you. Now we observe and assist you in the ascension process.

During your preparation for ascension, we encourage you to take time daily to help yourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Some of the topics we mention here have been communicated before, but they bear repeating since you are struggling through this time of great transition and effectual and ineffectual energies. Just remember to begin healthy habits a bit at a time to help with your transition. Be patient with yourselves, and add activities slowly as you adjust to taking time for yourselves. If you take on too much too rapidly, you will become discouraged and give up. Start with ten to fifteen minutes a day, and increase that by five minutes each week by addressing dietary changes, challenging your minds, or analyzing emotional disconnects. Just take action.

We have heard many of you complain that you forget more now, and you had no issues with your memory before. Recent memory-loss issues are due to energetic bombardments from technological devices that were designed to keep you controlled. You can counteract these effects. Furthermore, those who are sensitive to energies are also more susceptible to the effects of these negative energies. We have observed that many of you who are older believe your forgetfulness is due to aging, but it has affected almost everyone regardless of age. We have seen young people dealing with forgetfulness and discouragement, and they think they are (what you call) dumb. Please be patient with yourselves; this is not of your doing! We have been working with other beings of light to help counteract the effects of these technologies so that they are not as damaging to you as they have been. The list we share with you today will assist in your protection and clarity.