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Removal of the Artificial Intelligence Chip

Removal of the Artificial Intelligence Chip The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Quantum masters and emissaries of light, have you removed the artificial intelligence (AI) chip from your universe and your cosmic egg? Have you allowed artificial intelligence to biofeed, biohack, or biohost off your energy field or veil your consciousness? Can your consciousness be hacked like a computer?

Your world’s smartest string theory physicist reported in 2016 that consciousness “will remain a mystery.” So what happens when you pull out the AI chip from your cosmic egg? This chip or limited bioconsciousness, which is half-synthetic and half-organic, exists in many forms. It can be a fear-feeding matrix program, a holographic insert or projection, a bioclone, a replicator chip, a virus, a particle accelerator atom, or a false core plasma light-soul I Am. What happens when a critical mass of humans delete these from their vessels? The chips would no longer exist in your bodies, brains, energy fields, or consciousnesses. Any thoughts, feelings, attitudes, or beliefs associated with them would not exist, either. The support and information networks to the old universal-matrix hologram would collapse, shed, dissolve, or liquefy. The veils, walls, and curtains of illusion for all their agendas would reveal themselves. The old universal Alzheimer’s mind and all its body structures — such as your bones, spine, muscles, and vessels — would constrict or go arthritic for a moment because they can’t support an imposter-implanted synthetic reality.

Would you finally stop trying to perfect your human? Would you stop trying to create a perfected life in which mind can compute every answer and mimic every feeling? Would you still believe that your old multiverse is controlled by alien gods, secret syndicates, and hybrid human clones that are going to take over the world?