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Reconnect with Your Organic Nature

Reconnect with Your Organic Nature Lord Sananda (Jesus Christ) through Jill Harrison

Greetings, I am Lord Sananda. It is time to perceive yourself at a deeper spiritual consciousness level of who and what you are. Much of humankind’s suffering is caused by an inability to see and know themselves as divine love energy. Everything is energy. It is like a dance, a piece of music. It flows — unfolding, expanding, and contracting forever in a cosmic dance. Everything is connected, yet you do not seem to be able to move beyond the illusion of separateness.

When you allow yourself to see yourself as pure infinite energy, you will see there are no limits to what is possible. Your essence is of light energy. When you connect through your heart center to your essence, you remove the veils of illusion that limit your potential.

Your Body Needs Energy Replenishments

A time is coming whereby humanity will see transformation on a vast scale. As with all things created, there are cycles, phases, and it’s the same with the evolution of humanity. The world you live in is organic and in physical form. Divine love energy is also organic.

As a master healer, I come to you at this time to remind you that there is a need for humanity to reconnect with Earth to awaken to the need for organic living. The amount of pollutants, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals that Earth and humanity are subjected to is now at a tipping point from which there might be no return.