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Practical Applications for Living Mastery

Practical Applications for Living Mastery Almine

Can you explain what you mean by the term “living the life of a master”?

Throughout the centuries, truth seekers have immersed themselves in esoteric teachings through seclusion. They have chosen the monastic life to integrate teachings through experience. But spiritual teachings are not an intellectual pursuit. It has to be practical to be transformative. We are required to have the same commitment of someone entering a monastery while living among humanity.

People choose the life of mastery, a course of action based on the clearest perception and most heartfelt inspiration. Their involvement in any activity is not because others want them to be but because they choose to be because it suits their highest vision. They are always in complete control of the direction they choose.

Being a Master

What is the requirement for being able to successfully embark on the lifelong journey of being a master?