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The Path to Divine Union

The Path to Divine Union Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

Can you talk about the feminine energy of fullness?

Most definitely, this is one of the essential forms of the feminine. The masculine is emptiness; the feminine is fullness.

You have spiritual traditions in your world in which emptiness is espoused as the path. An example of this is Zen Buddhism. Even in the forms of meditation practice that most people have learned, the practice is to empty oneself — clear oneself, clear the mind, clear the thoughts, clear whatever’s arising — and find God through that. So meditation is viewed as a process of emptying. This is a masculine orientation.

The masculine orientation is an effective process for reaching the masculine aspect of God. This is the aspect of God that most spiritual teachers have told you is the “way.” It is one approach.

The feminine is about fullness. In some of your older cultures that were very feminine based, you would see images of the feminine with huge bellies, very round and full, because that was the force of life and birth. A woman who is pregnant and about to give birth is the icon of the feminine in fullness. You have images of the feminine as your Earth in its fullness. Truly, all manifestation is the feminine.