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One Awakened Consciousness Ripples through All Humanity

One Awakened Consciousness Ripples through All Humanity Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Teacher, and once again I come forth to speak with you who choose the awakened state of being and to release the remnants of sleep, those remnants that continue to pull at your old beliefs and ask whether you are certain that you no longer need them. Ah, yes, this lifely journey on Earth has its challenges and rewards, so to speak. What I would like to chat with you about is how to discern the real rewards and the real challenges. Why? Well, my dears, I would like to see you live with more ease, more joy, and more comfort.

Yes, these are tumultuous times, and the cause and effect is asking more of some of you, at times more than you believe you have to give. There are those who are struggling right this moment, trying to avoid the flooding waters that encroach the security of their homes. There are those who are hiding lest the ravages of war discover their innocence and prey on well-founded fears, and there are those who want desperately to escape from survival’s grasp but do not know how. Yes, these are tumultuous times indeed!

Here is some good news: Every time one being — yes even one being — awakens, chooses truth, and dares to refuse the old beliefs that cause the illusion of separation from the whole to become more established in the sleep state, every time one being makes those kinds of choices, then the entirety of humanity is affected. And I am not talking about a little ripple. I am talking about a wave of consciousness that continues to flow over those who reach out for help, who reach out for something — anything.