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Omnidimensional Communication

Omnidimensional Communication Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

We wish to talk with you now about numbers. It has been on your mind, has it not? We will honor your request.

Actually, it was more about numerology.

It is the same. Numerology is just one way in which the energy of numbers can be used. In our world, our dimension, numbers hold more meaning than simply representing specific quantities. They tell a complete story. Each has its own story, just as each person has his or her own story. When you place numbers together, they create a culture or society, so to speak. It is as close as we can come to describing it so that you understand. A group of like-minded people can create a government, a religion, or any number of other such energy collectives. Likewise, a group of numbers can create as powerful an energy as any group of people can.

It is the collective energy that gives a group of numbers (or a group of people, for that matter) their power. For example, a single number, such as a two or a three, would tell one story or have one specific energy. Add to it multiple numerals, and you begin to see a story or an energy of greater profundity. When you add different numerals to a single number, the energy or story changes.