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The Odds Are with You

The Odds Are with You Merlin through Riz Mirza

I am Merlin. Welcome. There are those among you who are striving to overcome many difficulties, those you refer to as survivors — champions, those who have won against all odds. Those who have risen to the challenge, indeed, move far beyond the challenge. Some who have had physical challenges or ailments, perhaps they were born without the use of their limbs or one of their senses — their vision, hearing, and so on. Yet many of these people have gone on to learn and to create a song, a structure, or even an empire. They have done so, some of you say, despite their challenges, despite their disabilities. From our perspective, we would not say that. Indeed, we would say it was because of the challenge they have risen beyond it, not despite being held back.

What causes this? What design did the great Creator have in mind? What did She think this would do? Was this simply evolution? Did those who found an empty space, a slot to fill in some way, feel there was a need for a hero, and so those souls were born into the avatars of such? Does the world need heroes? Indeed it does. Not to save you from others, but rather from yourselves — the darkness, the fear. Certainly darkness in this conversation does not refer to evil, but to energies that prevent you from rising into your higher selves, which is your purpose for being in this school you call Earth.

What about those who come to this planet with mental challenges? Oh, you know a few of those, but we are referring to those who are diagnosed with such conditions. Those you feel you must take care of — perhaps those who take care of family members with Down syndrome or other challenges — what is their lesson? Did they do something in a past life causing this person to be born to them as a son or a daughter? No. There was a choice made before they entered this physical life. They decided that this would be an excellent opportunity for them to develop. You might say there was a contract signed by many — yourselves included.