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Manifest from the Source of Love

Manifest from the Source of Love Venus Beings through Natalie Glasson

We beings of love from Venus come forth to share our energy, light, and understanding with you. We are aware that major shifts are taking place on Earth now that affect the creation of the Era of Love. We are immensely excited, as are many beings in the Creator’s universe, as a major shift concerning the Christ consciousness has taken place supported and assisted by Master Jesus and numerous christed beings and starbeings. The Christ consciousness vibration that was anchoring into Earth during the Crucifixion, Resurrection, and ascension of Jesus was drawn from a synthesis of the planetary and universal levels of the Creator’s universe. Now due to the increase in Earth’s love quotient, the Christ consciousness has been newly anchored from quicker frequency levels of the Creator’s universe. A synthesis of Christ consciousness from the solar and multiversal levels is now grounding into Earth and humanity. This symbolizes a deeper preparation, awakening, and manifestation of the Creator’s active love on Earth.

To experience this new upgraded Christ consciousness, simply call on its light to flow through your being. There is no need to call on a new download of it, as it is now being received and embodied by all who focus on it. Let yourself experience this high vibrational Christ consciousness. On first receiving the light, you’ll find it is immensely healing and uplifting. As you meditate on its blissful vibrations of love, allow yourself to understand and perceive how it wishes to support you and the shifts it will create as you focus on embodying it while also sharing your purpose of working with it in your current embodiment. There is much that the new energy of the Christ consciousness wishes to inspire and ignite within you.

With Earth’s acceptance of the new download of Christ consciousness, we beings of Venus are able to bring forth additional supportive love vibrations from our civilization. We wish to anchor a pure turquoise-and-white light into Earth, humanity, and your being. Held within the light is a powerful energy of peace that will support you in moving deeper into pure spaces of love within your being. Like waves washing over and through your being, the energy will create a deep-seated calmness that, for some, might cause drowsiness. The energy awakens a powerful vibration and source of light from within your being, carrying forth a feeling of contentment. The synthesis of peace from the light we share and the awakening of contentment within you will shift you into a powerful state where projection and manifestation are possible and can be achieved with great potency.