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Human Consciousness in Your Reality

Human Consciousness in Your Reality The Founders through Jaap van Etten

My ongoing research on the grids and energy places of the Founders near Sedona, Arizona, has deepened my connection and relationship with them. Initially, they supported my research. They did not tell me what to do or where to go. I had to find the directions on my own and make my own choices. However, they did give subtle signals that always brought me back on the right course when I made mistakes or went astray. During the past year, my connection with them has intensified. They began to give me short messages. These messages became longer, and they asked me to share them. Their invitation has led to articles that were published earlier.

The main reason for their connection with me is to help me understand that they are the Founders, meaning their consciousness is at the basis of all human activities and the development of human consciousness. When the Founders initially came to Earth, they made an agreement with Gaia to help raise the frequency of the Gaia system in such a way that the system as a whole would ascend and become an active part of the universal living system.

They programmed twelve levels of consciousness into eighty-one places on Earth. Over millions of years, these twelve consciousness levels were activated and used. We are at the bottom, the lowest level. It is up to us to raise the vibrations. The idea is that we use the experiences of those who actively used these consciousness levels in the past.