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Hold in Your Heart the Value of All Life

Hold in Your Heart the Value of All Life Being from Africa through Robert Shapiro

Note: The following is an excerpt from Shamanic Wisdom: Lost Wisdom Regained, now available through Light Technology Publishing.

There is a method to know where a person is from or what that person dreams about or will experience in the future. It is taught through a very long process, so it is not something a few words can bring about with magic, all right? But they can help. Very often you dream of home, and home will feel, in that moment, exactly like what you are missing in your physical life. It might be a home you knew in other lives, or it might simply be a place that will be home at some point. Your visit will allow you to be nurtured and healed to the extent that is possible in those physical moments for your body even though you’re deeply asleep.

It can also work in other ways. When a child is born and it’s not clear what he or she will be good at because the child is versatile or perhaps just not very interested in what’s happening (“detached,” you might say), it is possible to look at his or her past life or dreams. What is the child dreaming of? If you can understand those dreams, you will know that the child either feels lost in the physical world or experiences a dream world that is very similar to the personality he or she has in life.