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Grace Embraces You

Grace Embraces You Seraphim through Thelma Bodnar

Yes, dear ones, I am here with you always. Your soul song calls to me as a nightingale calls out to the darkness. There is no need for fear or regret as I come to you to offer peace, love, and compassion and to dispel the darkness.

Beyond your dreams and your imagination lies a deeper presence of joy and bliss. Your soul can take you there when you open to that possibility. Regardless of your status, your state of consciousness, or your desires for the future, your present circumstances are in alignment with pure love. Never is there a minute of a day when you are not bathed in unconditional love. Being a believer, a doubter, or an undecided makes no difference. No one is left untouched by this powerful grace from the Creator.

Pressures from the outside world might occupy your time and your energy, but all the while, grace embraces you, holding you upright in your desire to be whole and perfect. While you know you are not perfect by worldly standards, you were created to fill perfectly the place where you now reside. When you move to the other side of the veil, the void you leave cannot be filled by anyone else. That place is only here for you, and only you can be the expression of life and love that is you.