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The Enlightenment Project for Planet Earth

The Enlightenment Project for Planet Earth Lady Portia and Saint Germain through Star Hinman

Although popularly considered works of fiction, stories such as the following might more accurately be described as works of soul mythology. They contain remembrances of other times and places — stories of recalled experiences in multidimensional realities. Many people report that they are having these experiences now, as the consciousness of humanity is being so successfully expanded by the enlightenment project for planet Earth, begun by Lady Portia and Count Saint Germain so long ago. This is the story of that beginning.

The setting: A beautiful home of long, low design constructed of dark stone and set in the midst of a lush garden complemented by a rock wall covered with vines, flowers, and hundreds of butterflies. A group of approximately ten people are sharing a relaxing moment in an outdoor seating area of the garden in the late afternoon sun, discussing the completion phase of one of their Starfleet missions.

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