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Engage the Magical Weave of the Blueprint

Engage the Magical Weave of the Blueprint Goddess Gaia through Karinna Nielsen

As our movement through the shifting energies intensifies, many of you feel the lesson plans coming forth from the deepest layers of your blueprints. So let us speak about the blueprint — its creation and how you can allow love to guide the magical unfolding as you follow your path in life.

The creation of the life blueprint is a sacred process that occurs before an incarnation. Every nuance, every detail of the life that you wish to experience, is humbly and lovingly added to the weave of the blueprint that you are creating for your journey on Earth. Throughout this loving process, there is joyful anticipation of another opportunity to experience a new life adventure.

Once the blueprint is complete, you begin the transition from pure spirit light into the denser energy of the human world. With the love for yourself and your Creator guiding you through the magical energies, you enter a new experience of life. As your mental weave grasps the energy of the plan you have created, your spirit merges with the essence of your mother and father, and the life process begins as you are born into this world. You are love incarnate but now veiled from knowing the fullness of this Creator force of love of which you are ever and always a part.