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Embrace the Positive Potentials for 2017

Embrace the Positive Potentials for 2017 Laarkmaa through Pia Orleane & Cullen Smith

Everyone wants predictions of the future in order to feel safe and comfortable. We cannot give you a rigid prediction or exact descriptions of what might or might not happen in your future, for your future is up to you. From our Pleiadian perspective, time does not exist. Making a prediction of something for your supposed future does not really look at what is going on right now, and the choices of each now create what comes next. However, we can see potentials for 2017. Human evolution is accelerating, and we know that you can feel it. Many, many things show you that the world is not the same. Most of you are constantly looking for signs and symbols to alert you that something new and better is on its way. Indeed, it is. But the world is going to have to go through a bit of chaos first. Like any birth process, chaos is involved before the new creation arrives.

We will give you the potentials we see for 2017, but they are just potentials because everything is influenced by your thoughts and choices. Thoughts are energy. The thoughts of each human on the planet contribute to what might actually happen because you cocreate your future through the thoughts you think.

Move through Chaos

You will most likely see and have greater contact with lightships and beings from other realms in 2017. The lightbeings here to help humanity evolve are just slightly outside of your normal vision now but will become clearer so that you will know we are here to support you and help you work with the universal energies that are coming to Earth at this time.