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Embrace Being Part of Change

Embrace Being Part of Change The Center of A through Debbie Anderson

Compassionate souls are the source of all being, and although some might doubt it, we need to remind you that it is good to be alive right now. You humans are continually changing and rethreading in other ways, and this is partly what we mean. To understand this in more detail, think about the finely formulated layers in a spider’s web that connect even after a section is momentarily severed. For the layers to always stay in formation is very difficult. When you feel disconnected from the self, stop listening to the outside noise. Turn it off, and connect to your inner soul vibration. It is of the very highest expectations for the human brain to connect to your intuition and repeatedly do so until the right pattern appears, similar to a blueprint for a structure. Going within is a timeless occurrence.

Every year, humans have great hope for a healthier and happier life, a better world — but better than what? If you are always wanting and not doing, nothing changes. To take a room from darkness to light, you flip a switch. That is your intention. So 2017 is about coming into the moment, letting go of the ego, and becoming the “I go” and “I do,” moving forward in an unstoppable wave of love and truth.

We wonder if your world has spiritual ADD: In the moment of your awareness, it is intense, but because it is not always fed in the moment, it fades away, which becomes a great spiritual challenge to some of you. Mirror images show you the outside. The reflection that radiates within is much more vibrant, revealing images that sparkle and joyfully play a timeless game of life. The inward glow is the biggest aura that reflects on everyone and everything you connect with or are part of.