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EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Freedom in Earth Life

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Freedom in Earth Life Maria Yracébûrû

diiyin’s note: I sit speechless, not knowing exactly what to say. In all my sixty-two years of life, there has never been an experience like this moment. Since my childhood, people have been asking my thoughts. Our community integrates the nía’guch’ilaada’gotáál — Earth magic ceremonies — into their lives. Soon we will wind our way to Pele’s lush domain, following the trail to the rim of the volcano to reunite our souls.

There, we will pray, chant, and create a stronger connection with Earth Mother. I can well remember the excitement that has accompanied our other trips to Hawaii. The power of the islands is relatively unknown, yet the indigenous elders advise us to consider a new passion for life based on the earth changes created by this region. With these prayers, I prepare for spring.

January Prayer Wheel

Creator, shima’shash (Aunty Bear), the reality is secured. Definition is constantly changing. We are happy with this shift in consciousness.

dát’éégo nakia: (Rainbow Serpent) It lies in front of us, the Rainbow Path leads us to dropping all judgment.