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Connect to Your Core

Connect to Your Core Kaseta through Laura Pieratt

This message is from Kaseta, who came in with a light and joyous energy. She told me that we are dear friends, have known each other in many lifetimes on Earth, and are code talkers who carry the light of transformation, a reference I assume relates to my channeling light language and energy frequency transmissions. She said that it is our great joy to raise the frequency potential of expression to one that is closer to Source.

Dearest ones, let us begin with love. That is, after all, why we are all here — to remember ourselves as love. Do you feel the impulse within that guides you to remember who you are? Let’s feel it together now.

Relax and breathe. Now enter that space you know of as meditation. Release the need to have an experience in a particular way. Just breathe, and feel into your very core. Don’t worry about where your core is or how to find it. Your intent will take you there. In fact, let go of your mind completely. Don’t think. Don’t try to put words, qualities, or feelings to your experience. Labels can limit you. Just experience being aware of your core for as long as you can. Very good! As with meditation, simply return gently if your attention drifts away. Now sit a few moments practicing this before you continue reading to become acquainted with feeling into your core.