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The Clash of Wills

The Clash of Wills Lynn Buess

This is the first month of a very important year in history. Old paradigms are being shattered, and new possibilities seem endless. At the same time, a grip of darkness pervades that has been binding humanity to limitations and control of thought and action for eons.

There are some who are awakening to the reality of how manipulated the planet has become. Is this the moment in history when the number of awakened start to reach the critical mass necessary to truly lift the curtain of deception and burst through the third-dimensional matrix illusion?

The universal year for 2017 is a 1 year. This, among other things, is the start of a nine-year cycle, numerologically speaking. Will we reach critical mass by the end of the year? Hopefully so but probably not. Will we reach it by the end of the nine-year cycle? This has much better odds.

The theme of this year is will. This pertains to the individual will, the will of power, the will of the people, the will of nations, and our relationship to Divine Will. More often than not on our planet, the expression of will is one of confrontation, conflict, and the attempt to control the will of others.