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Be a Creative Agent of Love

Be a Creative Agent of Love Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Within creativity, all answers are known. Processing your divine space is your art of your knowledge of creation. Your process was given to you as a divine engine of movement that expresses your awareness of your connection to self, the Holy Spirit, and Source. Each of you as a divine creator acknowledges what is in front of you to problem solve and create your divine destiny.

Movement and answers are part of your intuitive senses that bring you to a fulfilled place of expressing your power of awareness beyond your physical senses. In this, I create with you the connections of awareness of you anchoring into who you are at this moment and who you have chosen to expand into from the divine destiny of your light story. I connect with your self-awareness, for you in your sacred holy temple (your body) have been given the freedom of choice in the world of form around you. Everything is here because you have imagined it in the great stream of the unconscious mind to be brought in to become whole in the form that it is.

Celebrate what you have brought before you, for these divine aspects of your creativity as the one mind have allowed you to anchor deeply into your holy temple — your body. The chairs you are sitting on you once only knew as an expression of the mind. The pattern of the chair became an inspiration of your soul to make it happen in form. Once the form became a reality before you, others could take the pattern and expand on it too, for what is in form will be expanded on, explored, and exchanged to all who can see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, and feel it.