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Ask Eric: Believe in Your Power

Ask Eric: Believe in Your Power Elisa Medhus

Ask Erik is a spiritual advice column from eternally twenty-year-old spirit guide Erik Medhus. Through gifted medium and spirit translator Kim Babcock, he directly answers readers’ questions on death, the afterlife, spirituality, the human experience, and more with the insight and wisdom he’s gained since his passing.

I have a friend who lives in Kolkata, India. He is in his thirties and has suffered from asthma since childhood. Recently, he was diagnosed with blockages in blood vessels in his heart and was told his heart is not getting enough oxygen. He also has high cholesterol and triglycerides. He is following the doctor’s advice, but nothing is improving. He is a very good human being and is helpful to others. Why does he have to suffer like this? Is there anything he can do to improve his condition?

— Manoj