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Ask the Angels: Treat Each Other Honorably and Kindly

Ask the Angels: Treat Each Other Honorably and Kindly Cheryl Gaer Barlow

What do the angels say about reaching God in the future? Many movements are antireligion or anti-God. Will atheists prevail in the near future? I have another question too. I’m seriously afraid of death. I try not to think about it, but how do I overcome this?”

— Suzanne, Dallas

From the angels: “The world will now begin the ways of belief to God. The world will beg God for peace for all humankind. Souls of Earth will pray incessantly for calm, for love, for peace. Jesus will appear to many souls, and the voices of angels will be heard. The mentions of God and the angels will be known in many places. Most souls who have had no desire to communicate with the entities of the heavens will express this desire. The intense desire to merge with God shall permeate Earth.

The heavenly entities do not feel as the souls of Earth do about the body’s death. We welcome souls into the glorious heavens. Birth and death on Earth and in other worlds are natural movements of the souls. Humans fear death as the demise of life. Life exists throughout eternity and is experienced in blissfulness and in fullness in the heavens. You are not to fear. The death of the body is to be welcomed. Go to the soul to connect with God. Open the soul to reach to God. Feel the light of Jesus shine on your soul.