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Akashic Answers: Numerology and Social Networks Connect to Akashic Records

Akashic Answers: Numerology and Social Networks Connect to Akashic Records Amanda Romania

I have recently been noticing numbers such as 222, 333, and 144. I see them on digital clocks and my phone, and I am wondering if this has anything to do with the Akashic record.

— David, Virginia

From Amanda: Yes, absolutely! These numbers contain many connections and messages from the akashic record. I teach that numbers are one of the true universal languages. When reading a person’s akashic record, I now ask for his or her date of birth and add this, using numerology, to find the key soul number he or she is connected to in this lifetime. Then I am able to explain certain important lessons that person has chosen to learn while on his or her karmic path. If I take the birthday and month and add those numbers to the present year (2017), I can find his or her karmic cycle of time. Let’s say you were in a 9 year. I would know many things were ending in your life and perhaps that you would be moving on from certain relationships. I can then help point out ways for you to clear karma and these lessons so that they don’t recur in another nine years.

The numbers are also a way for the beings and other dimensions to connect with you. For example, 222 tells you to trust in yourself, another, and the universe. This is the akashic’s messenger telling you that your contracts of integrity, truth, and trust are to be learned and understood. The 333 is the Christ energy. The fact that you see 333 indicates that you are working on the cosmic Christ consciousness lessons, so I suggest being mindful of the karma you create and keeping it positive. The 144 shows that ascended masters are stepping forward to work with you, so we could look at your akashic record for those you have worked with before as well as some new ones to study and connect with. Have fun with your numbers, and keep paying attention!