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You Are the Pioneers

You Are the Pioneers Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

You have messages that people need. How do you get the people to show up for the message?

Through your transformation. [Laughs.] It is the principle of attraction. You who are here are pioneers. You are the ones who have held the light and love through many incarnations and continue to do so. This is a special time when many more are becoming available and opening. This will continue to be so.

These others will be attracted in different ways. They will not necessarily come in the ways that you have. They will not necessarily respond to Mary Magdalene or a particular being or a gathering or a book or a teaching. They will come because they will feel the change in you. Someone who knows you will see how you are changing and will be moved by that. This is the way it will happen. It seems as if few are responding and many are not, but the world is smaller than you tend to think. You have many, many connections — not just the ones you are aware of or are physically connected to. In the energetic realm, you have immense connections. Many are working at many levels and with many beings. You may not realize it, but you are being helped.