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You Are a Connection to Unconditional Love

You Are a Connection to Unconditional Love Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and like all of your intergalactic family, we join together to assist you in your endeavors to bring greater light, love, and peace into your existence. It is not a given (although some may feel otherwise) that love, as you say, “must conquer all.” Yes, in a sense, the underlying love of the universe never dies or diminishes. It is found as the fundamental building blocks of all life, yet experiencing this love is a bit tricky for the human being.

Your choices and thoughts directly influence the degree to which you feel and experience the love of creation. Yes, on Earth, love indeed is experienced on various levels. You see it played out every day as the human idea of what love is — sometimes as a form of force — is allowed to create drama, thus offering opportunities to understand what love truly is not so that the human’s understanding can be heightened by experiencing the dynamics behind the illusion.

Institutions and religions often play off false ideas of love and manipulate the populace to that end. Many of them started out with noble ideals but eventually fell prey to greed or to the realization of how easily human beings could be manipulated by fear masked as love. Humanity has a long history of living in the illusion of love, particularly as it pertains to what you call Western religion. In your religions, you are taught that love exists outside yourselves and is attributed to a being more powerful and knowing who is called God. There is some truth to this but not to the extent given by many religions.