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The Year of Strengthening Your Inner Calm

The Year of Strengthening Your Inner Calm The Arcturians through Abby Isadora Haydon

We are the Arcturians. We have come again to assist you in creating a new focus for the way you live your life in the coming year.

The work many of you have been doing consciously and even unconsciously has been to open your emotional body. Many on your world term this as “opening your heart.” This is a very admirable practice that is necessary to progress toward enlightenment, or full system functioning. Expanding the emotional body is necessary to experience the more refined frequencies of existence. It is also necessary to activate the latent aspects of the emotional body to connect with beings such as us.

Extreme Empathy of the
Expanded Emotional Body

We wish to convey that there are now many of you who have been able to expand the ability of your emotional fields or emotional bodies. When this energy field is fully activated, it allows you to feel oneness with all whom you come in contact. Many of you have had the experience of feeling the pain and trauma of people you know as well as many people you do not know personally. The efficiency of your communication media brings you all the suffering that happens around your world.