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Use Balanced Reciprocity to Expand Relationships

Use Balanced Reciprocity to Expand Relationships Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Much of January 2016 is about expanding the human kingdom’s connection to 3D while remaining fully linked to the universal perspective in a compassionate, caring, loving, wise manner. The Mother of All Creation shall sing her songs of beauty, love, trust, connection, cooperation, and communication with all kingdoms of the cosmos — human, devic, imaginal, elemental, angelic, integral, and Creator. The human kingdom will revisit choices made to determine whether they were fluid, flexible, and expansive enough, as well as whether they were reached through head or heart or a combination of the two.

Decisions made based on fear — whether made in the current lifetime or in times long past — will resurface. When this soul-searching is done within the self and psyche rather than projected onto others or into the world at large, the grand Earth trine energies empower clear communication, steadfast focus and direction, and expansion with flexibility and fluidity within a framework that facilitates shift and growth in a smooth, easy manner.

Choose Love to Open Vast Connections

The Creator kingdom facilitates and empowers ease of movement by allowing you to follow the clear intuition of the heart rather than the ego’s desires. When acted on without attachment to outcome or the desire to coerce, influence, or manipulate, this inner knowing brings about the release of old fears, limitations, and attachments, empowering expansion that comes from deep trust and humility aligned with the soul heart’s wisdom as it is received from the Mother of All Creation. Cupido’s conjunction with the Galactic Center brings in the flow of wisdom, ideas, options, and possibilities that can be pursued individually and collectively when one is willing to be open, receptive, accepting, and in the present moment.