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Say Yes to Abundant Possibilities

Say Yes to Abundant Possibilities Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

The vibrancy of love and the continuation of saying yes are embraced more fully in the year 2016. Predictions are possibilities that glisten and glitter before you and allow your soul to say yes to the sparkle that brings you the greatest joy to be fully in the life of now. Celebration is the renewal of sharing a greater tomorrow and a greater presence with all that you are and are becoming. Now is your time to stop flipping the coins of duality and say yes to your truth. As you enter awarenesses that are slowly coming into your world and as you say yes to awakening your power to be priceless, allow the value of you (which is that coin of your choice) to be the ornament on your landscape that moves you and others to the golden opportunity of what your purpose is.

On a personal level, more and more people within countries that hold high technologies will find themselves working less and feeling fearful about where their time and money go. This is about freedom and free choice.

Discover Your True Identity as a Creator

As you claim your value and your truth, duality stops being the motivation behind your story. Within truths, you give yourself the stability to create an experience through divine security and the divine complete connection of your heart to all that you are doing. You are and have been shedding and unwrapping, so to speak, the presents that the divine flow of high-vibrational energy has brought to your fireplace and to the warmth of your heart. As you unwrap these presents, you see that you are one with all and that every person around you brings you to the deepest recognition of saying yes to being fully awake and fully a part of the celebration that is your life.