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The New Transformation for 2016

The New Transformation for 2016 Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

In 2016 there will be a newer, stronger, more courageous feminine energy at work on your planet. It is there to expand the heart with the soul and to balance with the masculine energy. This feminine energy is working to transform much of the suffering and chaotic conditions that are so prevalent on Earth and brings with it an expanded form of empathy, love, and

The feminine and masculine polarities, whether in or out of balance with each other, still work together to create because there can be no creation or manifestation without their merging in some way. This has to do with a thought, an intelligence, an action, a body, a work of art, a relationship, and the list goes on.

These polarities are also called the negative and positive polarities that cannot create separately because as energy they are not separate inside creation, including both men and women, and throughout nature. Perception affects the balance of negative and positive poles and determines the quality of what is manifested.