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Move toward Mastery of Creation

Move toward Mastery of Creation Creation's Love through Laura Pieratt

It is time. It is time for renewal. It is time for a new focus. It is time for new beginnings. There is no longer a need to fear the past or outcomes set in motion in the before times that predicted disaster for humanity. You are free of such encumbrances now. We wish you to focus on new beginnings in the extraordinary potentials of the New Earth era.

There has been a steady flow of light and love, divine dispensation, and other divine energies, such as great universal assistance and individual guidance, into the Earth plane for some time now. We hope you are noticing this and their catalytic effects. We realize the journey has been difficult because such energies bring up what needs to be released. Dense energies will be released with greater ease by nonattachment and by aligning with the ultimate goal of purging energies and thought forms that cannot rise with you into the higher realms you are preparing yourselves to reside in next. It is a matter of honoring the process of this shift rather than struggling to hold on to what you think you know and the well-worn grooves to which you have limited yourselves.

We tell you it is time because it is a reminder to let go. The words reach in to your hearts like a key, waking you up to the time you have been waiting for. Now that so much debris has been cleared, a time of renewal is at hand. Certainly many are still clearing debris, but that is no longer a hindrance for those of you who have done your tidying up already. There is much that can be cleared by divine dispensation once you align with pure intent and release resistance to proceeding along your path of evolution into the higher realms. From there, you will be given opportunities to further cleanse and clear what is not serving you but is not a barrier to entering such refined fields. There are subplanes within dimensions. We are saying that you can reside at a plane of adjustment and renewal while still tailoring and refining your unique energies to that of unity consciousness and the now of the One.