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Love Is the Key to Your Evolution

Love Is the Key to Your Evolution Mary Magdalene through Virginia Ellen

Love the divine, the male and female energies. These two energies and their polarities work to create union of self as well as the union of creation. The male and female energies within you are reflections within the union of love.

The more you love your life, the more clarity you will have about it. What you do not like in your life you complain about; instead, love it, for you have created it, have you not? The more that you love, the more the creative flow will move through you. You will have joy in your being. The state of love is joy. Take a moment to love yourself and your creations. Love what you resist, what you judge. At times it may be difficult to love yourself, and there may be tears. Let them fall.

God is love, passion, emotion, desire, expectancy, joy, and excitement. It is the creative force. It is your power. The more you love your life and the circumstances you have created, the more they will shift and change. Love is a seed, and it grows when you nurture it, for everything in your life you have planted. It is time to love what you have planted. Love your creations.