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Honor Who You Really Are

Honor Who You Really Are Followers of the Light through Thelma Bodnar

There are many ways to give blessings to another. Our choice is to bestow on each of you the light of a warrior, the sensitivity of a nurse, and the joy of each new day spilling forth before you as a blessing of highest magnitude. We come in love and light from afar, yet we know you as our brothers and sisters always. We remember your struggles, your triumphs, your toils and strife. We recall your greatest ambitions and your greatest failures. But through the cycles of your life, we have stood beside you with deepest love and admiration.

Through all these times, you have shown us your strengths and weaknesses alike, and we have seen you falter under the enormous weights that life can sometimes impose on you. Yet you triumph. You rebound and reinvent yourself anew to tackle the obstacles and reclaim your highest integrity and ever-present dedication to adjusting to change. It is during times of great change that your greatest lessons are learned and your highest achievements play themselves out.

By reclaiming the true nature of your being and remembering each and every outcome, you reset your self for your highest good, deepening your awareness and infusing you with grace under pressure.