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The Great Light Awakens on the Earth Plane

The Great Light Awakens on the Earth Plane The Great Wisdom through Judith K. Moore

Welcome to the threshold of a new era of Earth’s evolution. The wheel of destiny has been turned, and now humanity is on the threshold of the Age of Peace. The books of the prophets of doom have been completed; these prophecies have no power over humanity or the destiny of the world now. The book of the new dawn of light opened in the golden akasha during the prophetic fourth blood moon during September 2015. When prophecy shifts on this level, reality shifts.

The reality shift is bioenergetic. It alters the essence of matter on every level of consciousness. Those who surrender to faith will feel the divine flow and be guided through these times. Those who struggle with old fear and hang on to negative thought forms will do just that — struggle. Yet even through their struggles, they will learn the lessons of love and grow into the light.

It is essential that those who see the light do so with compassion for others. Remember, we are the oneness, and we share the community of light with our human brothers and sisters. Ascension is a state of human evolution that assures every soul will evolve into the fifth dimension.