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Feeling the Weight of Space

Feeling the Weight of Space Shiva and Gabriel through Arthur Fanning

13 October 2015

Now, the space of consciousness that you are in now is larger than you think it is. And the consciousness of space that you are in now is larger than you think it is. They are two different things. As we have said before, you are in a descension process, descending. And as you are connected to the divine realms, so too the divine realms are descending. With you and upon you and through you. With you, upon you, and through you. That is why you’re beginning to feel the weight of space within your heads and the lower portions of your vehicles. It is a weight you are not aware of yet, [but you are] becoming aware of, the weight of the space, as you are feeling now this weight. How can an invisible have weight?

It’s the construct of thoughts within yourself that causes this weight; it is answering your request, pushing it down on you. That is what happens when the divine descends. You requested an answer, yet you forgot that you requested this. It’s upon you. And you don’t know how to remove it, so you have to adjust your elevator, the chakra you are in. Which one are you in that is perceiving these phenomena? For what purpose? It’s always stabilization first. That’s the concept that allows space to be. Yet in this process of descending within the space, there is a necessity for allowance to contain the confusion.