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Embrace Galactic Spirituality

Embrace Galactic Spirituality Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians! Embracing galactic spirituality involves and affects how a person perceives the world and the universe — as Earth-centered, heliocentric, or perhaps you embrace the galaxy as the main central point for our existence on the third dimension.

Is there a multiverse? A multiverse means many different universes exist besides our own. Does the multiverse have many dimensions, and how are these dimensions accessible? A group’s spiritual perception also includes access to other dimensions. Indeed, we can even look at the concept of heaven and hell as referring to other dimensions. I will propose to you that heaven and the Garden of Eden describe another dimension that some people call the fifth dimension. When you hear people talk about hell, they are really referring to a lower dimension. The problem is that groups on Earth are trying to limit access to heaven by describing what certain religious membership restrictions apply. Hell seems to have open gates that anyone can enter. There are even groups that volunteer to send people to hell against their will.

Galactic spirituality is basically a more expanded system that brings people closer to the Creator and closer to the true reality of the physical universe. Galactic spirituality provides access to a truer reality that is based on expanded consciousness and expanded perceptions. When you embrace galactic spirituality, then you can open the “doors of perception” and begin to see the true reality, which includes the existence of other dimensions and other galactic planetary beings.